Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Wedding Favours

The decision to have Wedding Favours is a personal one, but a token gift to say thank you to your guests for attending your Big day is always a lovely touch.

Traditionally, a gift of 5 sugared almonds or Bonbonnierre was given, and these represent health, wealth, fertility, happiness and longetivity, but these days couples tend to get a little more creative.

The history of this goes back to the aristocrats of Europe, notably France and Italy.
The bonbonnierre was actually a box made of porcelain, crystal, and precious stones, but in more recent times this tends to have been replaced by a gift box, an organza bag or the almonds wrapped in netting.

Modern gift trends can be candy, picture frames, personalised CD's with couples favourite music, the ever popular lottery ticket, soaps, candles, and drinks minatures.
What to choose a lot of the time comes down mainly to budget.

My choice for my Big Day was silk notebooks [wth a personalised message] for the ladies and lottery tickets for the gentlemen.
In the evening I had Love Heart sweeties in gift boxes, and a love scroll wrapped in green ribbon to co-ordinate with my theme.

It is also increasingly popular to theme your wedding, whether this be through colour choice or subject matter.
Favours are generally placed at each place setting for reciept during the Wedding Breakfast, but some couples choose to go round with a basket in the evening and hand out each small gift personally.

Whatever you choose try to inject a little bit of your own personality into your choice.
Here is a selection of my favourites.

Wooden All you need is love Key - Le Trousseau

Sweet Shoppe Candy Boxes - Caesars Wedding Favours

A popular choice at scottish weddings is Tablet such as above by Highland Favours
Or if you are really adventurous you could try making your own - Recipe

Wedding Coaster - J.S Favours

Wine Glass Charms - Gift wrapped and gorgeous

Golden Lottery Envelopes - The Wedding of My dreams

Sugared Almonds - Confetti