Thursday, May 20, 2010

Women Wednesday Blog Feature

To celebrate the success of our weekly Women Wednesday Blog hop so far we would like to start featuring someone's blog from the previous weeks list and featuring alongside the following Women Wednesday blog hop. The featured blog will also be put at number 5 on the blog hop list so it's near the top and likely to get more followers!

As we have had many blog hoppers supporting us for nearly all the five blog hops, we would like to give those more chance of winning the feature. For instance the wonderful Edith at Innoscents Handmade Soaps and Suzanne at Scent Trail have supported us for all five blog hops so we would like to give them five chances of winning the feature!

This morning we have collated all the entries and previous blog hop entries, given everyone a number(s) and used Randomness 1.5.2 download to pick us a random number fairly!

We had 54 entries!

And the winner is...

Number 30!
Which is Georgina from Georgie Baker Textiles and Jewellery.

Well done Georgina, your blog will be featured with next weeks blog hop!

After next weeks blog hop feature we will be giving whoever joins that weeks blog hop the chance of featuring in the following one and so on, so you have to take part every week to win the chance of being featured!


  1. Hey Creation Collaboration! What a nice surprise!I will look forward to being featured in next weeks women wednesday blog hop :) xx

  2. Well done Georgie! and what a fab idea this is x

  3. ah, I didn't realize you wanted the same people to join in each week, I haven't done the last couple of weeks, cos I was giving other people a chance to have a go instead.
    oh well, I'll join in each week from now on