Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A wedding planner , I don't need one of those ! - Do I ?!!!

Most of us, when it boils down to reality, have far from a Royal budget but in focusing on that one special day we all still share much of the same issues.
Basically having enough money, enough time makes for some hard decisions especially in this economy.

The first days of engagement are a blissful time when all that is focused on is shared love, but then REALITY can hit and the actual planning of the day looms, and sometimes it can all seem a bit ominous.

You, of course may love planning, DIY in weddings is all the rage at the moment,  but for some, all the organisation that goes into such a special event may be a nightmare, and they may have absolutely no idea where to start.
This is where a some professional help can be vital.
A wedding and event planner can assist you in all the nitty gritty and logistics of creating a day the way you envision, working with you to make your day "yours".

Weddings are a major stress inducer, even when things are going well, we always have that fear in the back of our minds that something will go wrong or we will have forgotton important details.

If you imagine your wedding as a project and each part of the planning as working towards project completion and your wedding planner as a project manager , they will do what a manager does best ie. management.

Your planner will deal with suppliers, doing all the leg work and research for you, negotiating discounts for you and finding you the very best for the best prices and to your direct specifications.
This leaves you the time to relax in the run up to your special day knowing that someone is making your day top priority.

The wedding budget is probably the most important part of the planning process as the day basically hinges on it.
Sometimes couples can end up wasting money through not enough research.
This is where a professional help can be so valuable, through contacts in the wedding industry a planner/co-ordinator can negotiate, and secure savings and discounts.

Sometimes too, couples can get carried away with big ideas they have for their day that are very exciting but sometimes not practical.
The planner will help to find creative ways to make the big day special and distinctive, realising the couples vision without blowing the budget.
A planner can also act as a go between against suppliers, family and anyone that makes the path to your perfect day difficult.

On average, according to statistics a wedding can take up to 250 hours to plan.
These days how may people have that much free time ?

But isn't a planner expensive ?
Some planners charge a percentage of a wedding budget and some charge a set fee but a good planner should strive to make back their fee in the savings they make for their client.

I don't want to lose ownership of my wedding, will a planner not take over ?

In fact a planner should work with you to create the vision you have of your day and usually offers several services from initial supplier and venue searches through to on the day management and of course the full co-ordination option, and everything else in between.

But I have a co-ordinator at my venue ?

This may be true, but a Venue Co-ordinator deals with your venue, nothing else.
They don't act as an intermediary if your family are driving you bonkers. They don't find another florist if yours is sick. They don't get you to the church on time, if your transport breaks down.
A wedding planner is in essence your own P.A. They are on hand to answer your questions when you have that mini freak out, they are there to act as a shoulder when everything gets a little too much, they sort out every little detail exactly the way you want it, so that dream you have had since you were 5, becomes reality

It is a personal choice to have a planner but one that should be considered for the reassurance it brings.
If I can be of any assistance to you with your wedding or event , don't hesitate to contact me


  1. Excellent piece Ali. The bit about making the planner's fee back in savings is a great one.

  2. Great article Ali, if I could go back in time I would definitely have hired you to be my wedding planner and on the day organiser as it would have took alot of stress off me and allowed me to enjoy the day more. And maybe my flowers would have been what I actually wanted!!