Friday, August 27, 2010

Feature Friday featuring Vanessa Coppes of Envjewelry

Welcome to another of our Feature Friday articles which are proving hugely popular - today we're chatting with Vanessa Coppes from Envjewelry

Thanks for talking to us today Vanessa, can you introduce us to you and your company?
Bold, stunning and beautiful are just a few words that have been used to describe my jewelry designs.  Taking elements from my homeland, the Dominican Republic, and mixing them with classic and contemporary trends of fashion, I have been able to successfully launch my costume jewelry line in Staten Island, New York in June, 2009.  These very diverse and unique pieces are little works of art that you can wear and they will definitely strike a conversation wherever you go.   enV caters to all women who love jewelry and fashion, but most of all to those who dare to be different.

Where did the idea of running this as a business come from?
Being creative was always easy for me. I could just look at something and find different ways to use it, or just change it. I was always curious in subjects related to the arts. I disliked Math, with as much passion as I loved Literature. It just wasn't "fun".

I've also always had a job and the need to keep my mind busy. Ten months after I had my son, and being at home, I decided I had to do something for my creative sanity (that and I found cleaning to be very boring ). So I picked up an old hobby, making jewelry. Using techniques I had learned through the years and brushing up on new ones, enV by Vanessa Coppes was established on June 16, 2009.

What do you love most about your business?
I truly love the fact that it's mine.. so, If I need to, I can pace myself. I do enjoy working in my PJ's. I also love meeting women and other artists who enjoy this craft as much as I do. Everyday is a new opportunity to make it better and different. It keeps me on my toes and gives my life balance.

What would you like to change?
I am still learning how to manage my business on a daily basis. I still dislike administrating it. So, if I could go back I would advise myself to be a little more organized with the administrative part of the business, understanding that although it isn't "fun", it's completely necessary for it to be successful.

What is your aim for the next year?
I am aiming to branch out, exploring other venues to sell my jewelry and accessories. I am also finding many of my online colleagues approach me for advice on how to market and run a business. So, consulting is definitely on my agenda as well as getting a lot more exposure.

Where do you ultimately see yourself?
When I dream, I dream big...I seriously see my jewelry, not myself, on the cover of a magazine. So all of my energy is focused on getting more known. I don't, however, want to compromise the balance, flexibility and comfort that I get from working from home. So, as long as that balance isn't disturbed too much and as my son gets more independent, I see myself getting busier.

What are your Top 5 tips for new Business Women?
I cheated, I have 7:

Tip 1: If your heart believes in it, follow your dream. It may be a hard step to take, but you must be able to step outside of the box and dare to do.

Tip 2: Take advice from business professionals who have succeeded in taking the path you wish to take. They know what they're talking about, therefore should be able to give you sound advice.

Tip 3: Be unique and stick to your company's identity. As tempting as it may be to copy someone who may be doing more business than you, in due time, people will start to recognize your efforts, and will flock towards what you offer, attracted by it's authenticity.

Tip 4: Learn how accounting works. If you don’t know how to bill and collect money that is owed to you, keep track of your receipts, or have a fundamental knowledge about accounting procedures, find a qualified accounting firm. It is very important to keep accurate and detailed records of all transactions (sales and purchases). If you have time, and the extra money, take a few accounting and business courses at your local community college to further your knowledge of how to run your business. If you can do it yourself, you will be able to save money and keep afloat during hard economic times. I use Quickbooks Pro and it has worked wonders for my company.

Tip 5: The reaction from the customers who use your services or purchase your products, not only sales, should help you measure your success. Many companies have forgotten what customer service is really about. It is the key to your success. Satisfied and unsatisfied customers talk about your product and services. Bad news tends to travel faster than good news unfortunately.

Bonus Tip 6: Create a sample of your product or services to give away. Contact local charity events to find out if your your product or service can be donated.

Bonus Tip 7: Network, network, network. I have joined Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, and possibly others I can't remember... they have helped me stay current and searchable on the Internet, and gotten me even more customers than I could've gained on my's also helped connect with other amazing women, and we've been able to offer each other invaluable support.

If prospective clients want to buy some of your fabulous pieces, how can they contact you?
I can be contacted on my website at or they can drop me an email at; as I mentioned, I'm also on Facebook at and they can tweet me at

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy life to talk to you today Vanessa - your pieces are truly unique and it's inspirational to see that a successful business can be run alongside bringing up children and having a family.

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