Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to be Picture Perfect for your Big Day !

I think every single one of us stress about our wedding photographs, after all it is the one lasting memory of our Special Day.
First there is the monumental task of finding a photographer that suits the style and range we wish, and then we just worry about trivial things, like that big pimple popping up and the weather not being good.
But any photographer worth their salt will have the skill to overcome all these issues.
However, there are ways that we can help ourselves be picture perfect.

Consider an engagement photo shoot.
Spending time with your photographer perfecting the look you want prior to the main event will help you relax more on the actual wedding day, and allow your photographer an insight in how to get the best from you.
Look after yourself inside and out.

Eat well and drink lots of water, take up gentle exercise and get plenty of rest.

Remember to cleanse, tone and moisturise.

Stress and tiredness and lack of care will show in your skin.
Consider long and hard what you want to do with your hair and make up and have trials in both.
If you want to go for a completely different hair look [say long to short] , give yourself a good few months in case it doesn't turn out how you wanted.

And be careful with any new make up, you don't want it to react with your skin.
Practicing your pose in the mirror might sound a little self indulgent, but by lifting your head a little, any double chin will hopefully disappear, and it will give you a chance to find the best way to face your body to disguise any little hang ups you have.

On the day, remember to keep your flowers down , as beautiful as they may be, you really want to have the focus on and show off that beautiful dress.
And probably the very most important thing that you really shouldn't have to practice or think about - SMILE !!!

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  1. Absolutely spot on! Looking at magazines for real-life weddings and how their photographs have turned out is also a great inspiration.

    My most recent (and gorgeous) bride had taken some great posing ideas from magazines and we had lots of fun on their wedding day recreating them!