Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Choosing a Wedding Ring

The wearing of wedding rings on the third finger of your left hand dates back to the 17th Century BC.  The ancient Egyptians believed that this finger contained a special vein of love that ran directly to the heart.

 The idea was that, by placing a metal band around this finger, your everlasting happiness was assured.  There are many things to consider when choosing a ring, but it is an enduring reminder of your special day, and a very important element in the act of getting married so take time to get it right as you want to choose a piece that is timeless, and of high quality.

There are 4 popular metals used in the creation of these rings:
  • Yellow Gold - traditional and a symbol of wealth, comes in 9,14,18 and 14 carat.
  • White Gold - increasingly popular and a hot trend as it co-ordinates really well with silver.
  • Platinum - a stylish and hard wearing metal, but slightly more expensive.
  • Titanium - a striking grey metal which is extremely durable, and which is a popular male choice.

Things to consider when buying your rings are:

  • Will it fit/match your engagement ring

  • Will it be durable enough to sustain implications from your lifestyle

It is really important that you are happy with your choice, as this is reminder that will, hopefully, be with you for the rest of your life.  Take lots of time to research different styles, thicknesses, metals. Choosing a wedding ring is a little like choosing your partner, it has to be a very considered choice.

A growing trend these days is to have your ring specially designed, and in the era of all things vintage, using an heirloom lets you honour your family member that has passed, and be very on trend.


  1. Awwh that brings me back .. my hubs worked as a jeweller and was going to make our rings but money was tight so we got a discount and bought mine instead - he did want to make something so made one for himself which he loves. The style he choose wouldn't have suit my engagement ring at all (which has angles on it) so we bought one for me (discount of course) and he fixed it so that it fit snugly against my engagement ring... so well in fact that most people think it's a set that came together like that! I love my rings, they are soooo special to me.

  2. Thanks, Its lovely that M made his own ring,makes it so personal. x