Monday, June 21, 2010

Check out Creation|Collaboration's New Forum! Join us Now!

To all our C|C users, as you know we have had a few technical problems with the site and a lot of you haven't always been able to post when you want. That's not good for anyone. So from 13th July, the Creation|Collaboration website will move to a much more simple 'forum' only site.

This does mean we won't have some of the nice extras we had on this site, but it does give us a reliable forum where we can chat about being self employed and share all our business challenges and succeses.

We'd love it if you all joined us, unfortuantely you will need to sign up again but we hope you think it's worth it. You don't have to wait until the 13th July, the new forum is active now if you would like to join us sooner.

Sign up for free at our Creation|Collaboration Forum.

We value all of our members greatly and a heartfelt Thank You from us all at C|C for all your posting, feedback and support so far.

We hope you will also follow our blog at and our Facebook page

Please leave us a message to let us know how you are all getting on in your respective areas and we're looking forward to talking to you on our new forum!

C|C Team xx

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  1. Well there's quite a few joined us already! Come on over and check us out.