Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Creation Collaboration - Wedding Wednesday - The Proposal!

It's generally seen as one of the most important conversations we will ever have, and to that end, we should strive to make "The Proposal" as memorable as we can.

It can be a daunting prospect, and the intense pressure to do it "right", is immense.

This doesn't mean we have to whisk the love of our life off to some romantic place, or spend silly amounts of money.

The best proposal stories can come from pleasures like a summer picnic in the park, and in the manner one of my friend's, stones laid out on a beach to say "Will you marry Me?" whilst on holiday.

Romance can be as simple as rose petals, and candles, it can be a walk up a mountain to see an awesome view, it can be a spur of a moment decision where you are gripped with such a feeling that you never want to let go this amazing person you have found.

You can go all out too, and have the proposal written in fireworks, or in a banner drawn by a small plane, or in the manner of a recent Scottish groom, on the cinema screen before the showing of "It's a Wonderful Life!

Whichever way you propose, you have to think about your partner, and the kind of things they love and appreciate.

Celebrity's have had differing ways to propose.  Michael Douglas made his proposal to Catherine Zeta Jones memorable through asking her to marry him at the Eve of the Millenium.  It was a discreet proposal, balanced very nicely by the huge diamond he gave her.

I personally like recently married, Pier's Morgans approach, where he whisked his girlfriend to Paris and whilst there, presented her with a 1st Edition copy of her favourite author, John Updike's book "Marry Me".

For me personally, I was the one that proposed, quite romantically, I thought!

My proposal to my husband was on the 23rd of August 2003, and was on Tower Bridge in London.  I was going to do it on the London Eye, but got the wobbles as I'm scared of heights, and wimped out.
It didn't really go so well as I got turned down, but that is the chance you have to take when laying your heart on the line, its a monumental and life changing decision.  Luckily for him, he soon realised what he would be missing, and 6 years later we couldn't be happier.

I wish you all your own romantic story, and even if its not, the fact that someone loves you that much to ask you this amazing question is beautiful indeed.


  1. Great article! We had planned to do the whole "Will you marry me" at the end of Dun Laoghaire pier (which is a lovely setting and one of the first places we went when my hubby came over from London on his first visit) but it was lashing rain so we ended up getting engaged in my car in my work car park! Ah the romance!! LOL

  2. Lovely article, it's made me all misty eyed! Mine was lovely and romantic, but just before pudding was served. I was so excited I couldn't eat and hubby-to-be scoffed the lot!

  3. Loved that Ali, can't believe N turned you down at first!! We need every man out there to read this. Mine was sort of romantic in a Liam kind of way, he asked my Mum before-hand and then took me to London and asked me during a meal before a show. I didn't believe him at first as he never wanted to get married and then he pulled out a big wad of cash and said I could choose my ring from Tiffanys - I believed him then!

  4. Thank you ladies.
    Believe it, the boy didn't say NO, he just said "not quite yet" which equated to the same thing.
    Funny thing was he was the one that was talking about marriage from about a month in, and then he got collywobbles.
    But YES, I am the best thing that ever happened to him, it just took him time to realise it, lol !!
    And yes, I am still waiting for the big romantic gesture, plan is to renew vows at 10 years so he has 4 years to get prepared !

  5. aww thats a great article. Mine was singularly unromantic. OH was apparently going to propose but we had been out with my family and i had ranted and raved about never getting married so he went in the huff and stropped instead.